We are the local repairer and supplier of boat propellers


Washington County Maine 

Authorized dealer of

 Michigan and Power Tech Propellers

Over 50 New Propellers in stock

Offering 24 hour in house repairs

Our niche is

In stock at a reasonable price

Come and get it today - now and get back on the water today

We are a local merchant and we do not conduct business over the internet or mail.
While we can match most on-line pricing we can not compete with volume dealers who make $5 profit on a $200 propeller

The Propeller Shop was started in New Jersey in 2008, in 2015 we relocated to Maine to retire, bringing my tooling with me. So we don't have fixed hours but you are welcome to stop by any time the sun is out. But I advise calling first as I might be out fishing, hunting or trapping.  We also sell tannned furs.

The Propeller Shop L.L.C.